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Jeffrey Hurr, based in Garner, North Carolina, is a designer, craftsman, and artist. After attending NCSU School of Design in the 1970’s, he began his first career and passion by building things with wood, including houses, cabinets, and furniture—this was the craftsmanship period in which skills and a deep appreciation of fine workmanship were developed.    


In 1988 he followed another passion (this time metalworking) and produced decorative ironwork for companies along the Eastern Seaboard spanning a period of twelve years.  One of the benefits of this time frame was that Jeff learned to operate his business with four employees, gaining management skills and an understanding of the value of collaborating with others.  During this time the focus was on techniques of fabrication, welding, and painting while producing steel plant stands and tables.  The transition to working with metal was an easy one, as all that changed were the tools and materials being used—the attention to detail remained the same. 


Since the year 2000 Jeff has returned to a one-man-shop status, focusing primarily on custom metal projects, including gates, railings, trade show displays, furniture, and show props for marching bands, winter guards, and drum corps nationwide. This was the designer period, lasting over a decade. 


Today Jeff continues toward a more expressive phase of his career by working mostly with a variety of metals, and when not producing props, he will be found in his Garner shop creating large-scale, nature-inspired, and kinetic sculpture as well as a wide range of other artistic products.  Going forward, Jeff’s attention is moving more and more toward the artistic side of things, while still refining his craftsmanship and design virtues. 

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